Instant, Human-Like IA Answers for the Best Customer Experience Ever.

The only solution that turns your company’s knowledge into instant, empathetic customer dialogues through AI chatbots.

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Use cases

Explore the capabilities of AI with our three chatbot use cases

Customer Service Chatbot

Streamline your customer service with our intelligent chatbot. It provides real-time, accurate assistance, resolving inquiries swiftly to enhance customer satisfaction. As it learns from each interaction, the service becomes more personalized and efficient.Try chatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot

Maximize your lead generation efforts with our smart chatbot. It engages site visitors, identifies potential leads by gathering key information, and directs them to your sales team, increasing your conversion rate and ROI.Try chatbot

Product Recommendation Chatbot

Revolutionize your product recommendation process with our AI chatbot. It analyzes customer preferences and behavior to suggest the most suitable products or services, driving up sales and improving the shopping experience.Try chatbot
Fully Customizable
Highly Scalable
Connect with Hubspot - Zendesk - Airtable - Pipedrive - Zapier, Google Drive...


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How It Works

Three Simple Steps to Unmatched Customer Service

Step 1: Craft Your AI Companion

Begin by designing your chatbot. Our intuitive platform makes it simple to create a chatbot that embodies your brand and meets your customers' needs. No coding required—set up your AI assistant in minutes.
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Step 2: Plug & Play Integration

Embedding our widget is a breeze. Just copy and paste our provided code snippet into your website, and your AI chatbot will be up and running in no time. Effortless setup for instant customer engagement.
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Step 3: Supercharge Your Knowledge

Take action with Magic Moustache. Your feedback fuels its evolution, ensuring smarter responses with each interaction. Transform your AI chatbot into a dynamic, ever-improving assistant, primed to deliver exceptional support to your customers.
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